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These are the games that I have made for during school in the specialization and other classes.
Dirguns(Working Title)


An asymmetric multiplayer game I am developing with  a small team for the Wii U. It is still early in the production but more details will be given soon.

Game Design Capstone


An asynchronous mobile game I am working with Heart Shaped Games for, of which I am the project manager. There are nine people on the team and a development period of fifteen weeks.



A Rouge-like that takes place in a intergalactic game show. It features unique weapons, four different races, and ten different enemy types. The project was completed in fifteen weeks.

Crazy Train


A tile swapping puzzle game where the goal is to get the train to the bank to blow it up. This was a five week project and is avaliable on IOS and Andriod.



An island settlement game where the player is God and must control the population and keep them happy. The project was a five week one.



A spiritual successor to the classic Rampage games. The objective is to destroy everything in the city and find and abduct the leader of each city including obama. Made in five weeks.

Light Pong


Standard game of 3D pong where walls change to fit the size of the screen. Avaliable for Android and made in four hours.



My first team game made in the game design speciliazation, It was an attempt to make a horror game in five weeks.

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