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  • Michael Nelson

Final Project Idea Update 

For my idea I really enjoy the thought of helping people to understand what living with schizophrenia is like. I think including showing what it is like to have to deal with it in a completely mundane setting could be really effective.

To this end I am proposing a short interactive mostly stationary experience where the user must perform some generic tasks in an office setting. Filing paper work, attending a meeting, etc. Throughout the experience I envision the symptoms of their schizophrenia get progressively worse.

Vinettes of minor hallucinations could be something like binaural sound randomly playing, short whispered phrases and noises, faces distorting during interactions, objects changing shape scale or texture, lighting changes, and your embodied avatar changing from human to having an animals head or something to that end.

We probably don't want to be too graphic so we don't overdue it and freak people out.

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